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Here you should find everything you want to know about what has been done so far on forming the Neighbourhood Plan. This includes evidence collected, questionnaire results and information on upcoming and past events all of which can be found within the Time Line.

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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

In April 2012, the Government completely revised the planning system in this country by introducing the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).
This reduced the previous 1500 pages of national planning policy down to 50 –and introduced several completely new concepts –including Neighbourhood Plans, and Community Right to Build Orders (
Neighbourhood Plans (
NHP’s) are intended to give local people new rights to shape the development of the communities in which they live. NHP’s can set out the policies on the development and use of land in a neighbourhood area (often a Parish) for the next 20 –30 years.
NHP’s need to conform with planning policies and guidance at local (in our case, Mid Sussex District Council), national and European levels
NHP’s will be voted on in a Parish referendum, and adopted as part of the District Plan, they will become the main consideration in planning decisions for the designated area.
Why Does the Parish need a Neighbourhood Plan ?

Our Parish, like many of the rural areas in South East of England, is under constant pressure to provide sites for house building. Without a Neighbourhood Plan, decisions on the number, type and location of houses built are decided by the Local Planning Authority (Mid Sussex District Council) –in theory. In practice, as local MP Nick Herbert said in parliament in July, it is often the Planning Inspectorate which makes the final decision if the LPA refuses a planning application.

LOCAL DECISION MAKING: Your Neighbourhood Plan has been produced by local people, based on the needs and aspirations of those who live in the Parish.

LOCAL HOUSING NEEDS: Your Neighbourhood Plan provides the housing that you have told us is needed in the Parish.

LOCAL FACILITIES AND INFRASTRUCTURE: Your Neighbourhood Plan provides the facilities that you have told us you need.

All Parishes in the Mid Sussex District area (other than those in the South Downs National Park) are producing Neighbourhood Plans. They recognise that this is the best way to ensure that planning decisions are made by local people to reflect the wants and needs of the local community.
Published by Slaugham Parish Council under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, the Localism Act 2011 and EU Directive 2001/42 Exhibitions October 2013