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Links to Mid Sussex District Council Documents
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Mid Sussex Local Housing Assessment (October 2011)
Mid Sussex Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (March 2008)
Mid Sussex Landscape Capacity Assessment (July 2007)
Mid Sussex PPG17 Assessment (2006)
Mid Sussex SHLAA (various)
Mid Sussex Community Infrastructure Levy: Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (February 2012)
Mid Sussex Local Plan 2004
Mid Sussex Draft Infrastructure Development Plan (Feb 2012)
Mid Sussex District Plan Consultation Draft (June 2012)
Mid Sussex District Plan Revised Sustainability Appraisal (May 2012)
Mid Sussex District Plan Revised Habitats Assessment (May 2012)
Mid Sussex Landscape Character Assessment (November 2005)
Northern West Sussex Employment Land Review (October 2010)
Gatwick Sub-region Water Cycle Study (January 2011)
Gatwick Diamond Futures Plan (October 2008)
West Sussex Strategic Housing Market Assessment: Mid Sussex (May 2009)
West Sussex Sustainable Energy Study (October 2009)
West Sussex Local Transport Plan 2011-26