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Slaugham Neighbourhood Plan
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Having a Neighbourhood Plan for our parish will help make it more likely that our area will remain a lively, diverse and vibrant area into the future. The policies in the Plan have been devised to protect the things this community VALUES and to mitigate their CONCERNS as much as possible.

Without a Plan the future of our area would be determined by Mid Sussex's "one size fits all" District or Local Plan which cannot adapt to the special requirements of our parish.

Without a Plan every planning application in our area would only be assessed against the national and district policies (as now), taking no account of OUR local housing needs, parking and traffic issues, and all the other policies included in the Plan. There is currently a serious shortfall on the district's target for new homes so some sites that would have previously been refused as being outside a built-up area could be permitted.

Other communities are working on their own Neighbourhood Plans and there is a possibility that developers could in future begin to take advantage of areas without one in force.

Alas, no. There are certain things that are excluded like mineral extraction for example.

All our policies must be capable of being applied through the current planning system and (unless there are truly extraordinary reasons why not) they must be in "general conformity" with national and district policies. For example, district policy requires a mix of housing types on a site so although our policy on "Housing Mix" [WHP12] can require the majority of new homes to have 2/3 bedrooms it cannot insist that all of them are that size.

Everything in the Plan must be "evidence based" and not just a good idea somebody thought up. The many surveys, workshops, exhibitions and consultations conducted in the past 2 -3 years have contributed to our evidence base.

Finally, landowners must be treated impartially, and it must be possible for the allowed development to be economically viable.

The examiner will make sure we have followed the correct process, that our policies are reasonable and our evidence is sufficient before the Plan can proceed to a referendum.

Why do we need a Neighbourhood plan?
Can we do anything we want through the Neighbourdhood plan?
No. The developer of each site must submit their detailed plans to Mid Sussex District Council and the usual planning process will be followed. Members of the public will be able to make their comments as usual. However, if the Plan has been "adopted", the planning department must also judge the application against all the policies in the Plan (for example, housing mix, parking spaces) as well as the national and district policies.
Does the allocation of a site mean it wll automatically get planning permission?