The Chairman: Mrs Sue Hance
Vice Chairman: Mr John Welch

The Chairman and Vice Chairman are ex officio of all committees

Planning Committee:-
Cllr's Sue Hance(Chair), Pat Long, Simon Goyder, David Clare (Vice Chair), Bob St George, John Welch, Kim Godwin and Billie Bridges.
The Planning Committee considers Planning Applications, deals with street lighting, Highways and Emergency Planning.

Recreation Committee:-
Cllr's Simon Goyder (Chair), Sue Hance , Michael Earle ,Gail Boustead, Lesley Read and co opted member Ken Boyle.
The Recreation Committee deals with all matters concerning the Recreation Grounds, Children's playgrounds and Allotments.

Finance and Policy Committee:-
Cllr's Sue Hance (Chair), Michael Earle, Andrew McNaughton, Bob St George, Pat Long, David Clare and John Welch.
This Committee deals with finance matters, proposals for budgets, projects etc. and policy matters.

Community Halls Committee:
Cllr's Andrew McNaughton (Chair), Bille Bridges, Gail Boustead, Pat Long, Michael Earle, Sue Hance and Kim Godwin.
This Committee was formed to initially focus on a new community building based in Pease Pottage.
It may look at other community buildings in the future.
More information can be found here.

Slaugham Parish Council
Special Interest Groups
Members each take a subject as their special interest and reports and comments can be passed to the appropriate member who will then make a report to Council.

Disabled Care in the Community: Cllr's Kim Godwin
and Pat Long
Children and Youth Matters: Cllr's Billie Bridges and Michael Earle
Footpaths: Cllr's Simon Goyder, John Welch, Bob St. George and Lesley Read
Charities: Cllr's Sue Hance, David Clare and Kim Godwin
Bus Services: Cllr Pat Long
Allotments: Recreation Committee
Trees: Appointed Tree Warden
Emergency Resilience Planning: Cllr's Billie Bridges, Kim Godwin
Crime Prevention: Cllr David Clare

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